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Editor’s Note: To avoid any further questions, Elijah used to go by the nickname “D-Man” early in the ministry.

I recommend this site because the teachings here are very liberating and refreshing. I believe many hearts are crying for something more today. I also believe that the church is being deceived and taught another gospel as the word warned us. You might say, who me, I go to church! I believe you will find an abundance of Truth on this site – something there is a lack of today. Although many visit the marriage healing site because they are in broken marriages or facing divorce, it has become a platform to draw many souls to salvation. Any time you spend on this site will be well worth your time and could have a great bearing on your eternal salvation as I believe many more of us than realize have been hearing “another gospel.” And the new age gospel has slowly creeped into the mainline church today. Do we even know how to recognize it when we see it? Frankly, I’m shocked at some things I am learning lately. Good question for you – what do you hear on a regular basis preached in your church? Think about it. 1Cor. 10:12 – Wherefore, let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.

Shalom and have a wonderful day rejoicing in the God of our salvation.

Suzanne G, Dallas

Thank you so much for all your prayers and all you do here. Your commitment, love, concern & compassion. I so appreciate it and thank my Heavenly Father for sending me here. I feel I’ve been “saved”, put on the right path ONCE and for all. I thank Him for the blessed souls here that lead and encourage me each and everyday. I can’t express enough how much it means to me. I give God the praise and the glory. I pray He bless you and this ministry to it’s fullest. He is an awesome God! I’ve never felt so much “warmth” and Christian love as I have in this ministry, not even from the Churches I’ve been a part of. I’ve been in Church all 43 yrs. of my life! I have grown so much in the last year and so excited about continuing on this wonderful journey God has planned for me. Thank You Jesus! Your email has really touched me today..God Bless you! I look forward to worshiping our Father with you!

In His Love,

Cindy, USA

Thank you for your email and all the prayers. May God bless your ministry. I have learnt quite a lot and a miracle has happened. My husband now attends church on Sundays. It is a step in God’s direction! Unfortunately I live from hand to mouth, I have 6 children to feed and pay for education. My husband retired from work last year. I wish I could make a donation to your Ministry only if it were in Zambia, Africa, I could have physically come to clean or do some kind of work. I do not even have money in the bank to make a bank transfer of any kind. At my local Church I do make my offerings. I just pray that your Ministry continue to prosper through the Lord’s Divine Intervention. God bless you always.

Nellie – Zambia, Africa

Thank you so much!..i was lead (by God) to your site on monday jan 9th!..wow, God is sooooo good!..i submitted my first prayer request that night..thank you so much for your prayers..my wife and i need them so much..usually, i have a very bad time, after my wife has a session with her counsellor, but yesterday, the day after first prayer request, praise God, it was GOOD!..please keep praying..God is sculpting me in the husband He + my wife had always hoped for!..as Paul says in Philippians, i look not to my past failures, but to the goal that lies ahead–Jesus and a robust God-protected marriage that would glorify Him!..Amen

Vladimir – Mississauga, Canada

dear friends at mhi

i can’t thank God enough for sending his angels for me in your form…thank you for your prayers and incredibly inspiring words. i am both touched and humbled by your love and faith in the restoration of my marriage. i am standing on my marriage with the belief that God has already answered my prayer.he is a God who believes in united homes and united families.he has seen my heart and i belive that i just need to be patient and watch my miracle unfold.i believe he will heal my home..however being human i do get discouraged and depressed by my husbands coldness…that when i know i need to pray harder…and that is also when i need you.you are my family in Christ ..please don’t leave my hand.please continue to pray for me….and my husband.he is still with the other woman…and God needs to open up his eyes which at the moment are blinded by the devil. thankyou for your support…..i need it.

your sister in Christ..

Manna, Guragon, India

Dear family in Christ,

I thank you for your messages and really appreaciate your prayers. Your prayers are seeing me through daily. Everytime I consider giving up, an adquate message would be sent on that day. My marriage, husband and children really do need your prayers. The enemy is busy but he cannot win. I often feel guilty because I would love to contribute to your ministry which gives me so much hope in times of despair. My financial situation is awfully tight these days, lack of money for even food and transportation. However, God is good, we never go to bed hungry and somehow our son reaches to school on most days. I hurt when I think that my husband is anxious to leave us, his family, in this financially embarrassing situation to pursue his selfish ambitions abroad, a Ph.D in History at Howard University, while we can’t even pay a mortgage in Trinidad. He wants to leave while he has so many loans to handle. Anyway, God is good, he will not leave us or forsake us. Please bear with me until my finances improve.

Thanks in Christ,

Marilyn, Trinidad

Dearest Marriage Healing Ministry,

I am very happy to have received from you a very encouraging letter. I have believed that you are the people of God and you worship the true God. I was surprised that I have never told you my wife,s name but you have mentioned her name Rose Mukanda. As you have told to pray, you have challenged me and for that matter I have decided to be praying for at least 15 minutes for your ministry. As you told me to be praying for men, women and children I am doing so, so that God can touch them in your ministry and everywhere in the World. I am going to visit your website and I will see how you are going on and I will let you know later. Thanks for having challenged me that Moses and Joseph they went through difficulties but God made them succeed. Also the covenant of Abraham and God. I am very much encouraged about your ministry. My children have greeted you and the whole family.

God bless and I am looking forward to read from you.

Yours Pastor,

Moses Mukanda, Kenya

Your message made me weep. I appreciate you taking time to respond to me. I know this is God and that this message you have on Saturday is for me. You see, I have never before written to you, and had cancelled your newsletter years ago. Nevertheless, a few days ago, you sent out a message saying that your server or something was down and that you were sending out the message to all your members, which of course I wasn’t any longer. I normally would have deleted and gone on with my life. But, for whatever reason (and I know the reason now) I didn’t deleted it and I read the praise reports. When I found myself in crisis yesterday, I wrote to you for the first time in hopes for a story. Thanks again for your response. I have your teleconference on my calender.

God Bless you

Cheryl Martin, USA

Thank you. That was one of the best teachings that I have ever received. Please continue this great ministry. You have touched my heart in a big way today. I pray that GOD blesses HIS disciples..your ministry will succeed. GOD will bless the righteous. Just keep the faith. HE will not fail you. We will pray for your ministry! GOD will bless and keep you. Thanks for your prayer. I am doing much better than I was when my spouse (Mary) left me almost 3 months ago. GOD is great. Because of our separation, I have been led by you and others to HIS word. I am learning patience and tolerance. GOD is teaching me more and more each day. Praise GOD rom whom all blessings flow. Thank you JESUS for the Holy Spirit!!!

Yours in Christ

Carl, USA

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

At the outset, I would like to thank God for giving me you all to pray, support and encourage me and am also thankful for the wonderful message you have shown through this email. Yes, I believe that God has a great plan for me and that He is shaping me to experience the miracle that He his going to bring into my life. You are my mentor in my spiritual walk with Christ so please guide me and help me to be in right standing with God. Thanks once again. May God bless you and your ministry.

Robin, Safat, Kuwait

This email is not to earn brownie points from you but I wanted to let you know what a blessing you have been in my life. There are so many people who have touched me in different ways and it’s about time I let them know. Elijah, I could never put into words what you have given me. The love you have for the Lord is such an inspiration to me. I pray that one day I can have what you have. Your ministry room is so incredibly amazing that I can’t stay away from it. Everytime I go there I’m touched by someone. The Saturday conference calls have blessed me in so many ways. And now, being a part of your V-12 group, is just wonderful. You have ministered to me in so many ways. God knew exactly what I needed when He brought you into my life. Thank you so much, Elijah.

God Bless!

Karen, Ontario, Canada

Dear Brother Elijah,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell how this site has helped me. A friend going through his own stand recommended this site. Little did I know the impact and the blessings that I would derive from it. I came here hoping to “connect” with a few people going through the same thing and thought that we could just get together and discuss and quite frankly at times “dis” our partners for doing this to us. Well, the Lord, being the Awesome God that He is, let my foolish longing to lifesaving grace and renewal. What I have found here is true ministry and through it I have come to have the truest and most fulfilling relationship of my life: The one with Jesus Christ himself. Brother Elijah, both you and your team of ministers have shown me the humilty and grace of prayer and what a precious gift salvation is. Real restoration and reconciliation begins when we return back to God our Father. Nothing else can occur before that happens. The lifeline between us and our Heavenly Father is real. We just have to use it. I now can pray in the Holy Spirit, speak in tongues and am now ministering to other people as God sees fit. The next step is water baptism. Thank you MHI and prayer ministry team for helping me turn my life around and for helping make the Proverbs 31 wife that my husband will want to come back home to.

Yours in Christ,

Loraine Bronston

My life has been changed by MHI. I first came 3 years ago. My wife had left me and was in divorce proceedings. I was a mess emotionally and physically and had little hope. I was held up in prayer and encouraged to believe God for my marriage. All I could think about was my pain and my children’s pain. I was totally focused on My “drug” (wife) and how to fix it again. God has been changing my heart and now I can trust better than ever that he is working even when I cannot see it. I am so thankful for my church family and my brothers and sisters at MHI. Please continue to pray for my wife Lorri to come back to intimacy with Jesus and God’s great plan for our future to be manifest.

Mark Abbott, Michigan

Hello MHI

My wife has left me and I’m hoping she will reconcile with me. It’s been over three years of a nightmare being in limbo, waiting and hoping for reconciliation. I,ve been receiving the your newsletter every day or two for a couple of months. I must say, the messages contain some of the most powerful and faith building teaching I,ve ever received^ and I,ve been a Christian for over 30 years with a seminary degree (you can quote me).



When I first visited the Marriage Healing International ministry room, I was in a condition of not really caring whether I remained married or not. I have been separated for almost five months now and still hope and believe that Jesus is alive in the working of all things for my good. I have had a personal encounter with the Lord since visiting and being enlightened as to how I must concentrate on my walk with the Lord and how He alone will heal my marriage, not myself. I have been deeply encouraged and blessed to be a part of this ministry. I have received blessings and seen others receive as well from MHI. Jesus rules. The devil is going down. And our marriages WILL stand.

Patty, Texas

I didn’t come to the Marriage Healing Int. room for ministry, but a friend recommended my dropping in to see what was happening there. I was very impressed by the 2 operators, D-Man, the owner and Joyzz, his only operator at that time, who also has a powerful anointing to minister. They not only let those coming in express their needs, but they gave them biblical answers (not opinion), and always prayed scriptural prayers for those who were seeking help, along with a lot of love and encouragement. This combination, along with much Praise and Worship, led people right into the Holy of Holies where they met Jesus. People were actually being ministered to in such a way that wonderful healings were taking place… many individuals were being transformed into the image of Christ, therefore, marriages were being healed as a result. This impacted me tremendously, and I soon found myself joining them as an operator. Just being in this atmosphere has brought me incredible blessings and growth myself!! I am so grateful to have the privilege not only of being associated with the other Spirit led operators, but of having the opportunity to minister the TRUTH of the Gospel in total freedom, fulfilling my calling as an exhorter in the ministry of reconciliation to the world. (Mark 16:15 and 2 Cor. 5:18). Thanks to you, D-Man, for your vision and for the price you have paid to fulfill it. I believe the Lord is well pleased, and will return to you 100-fold all you have given to heal his children.

In Him,

Patty Middleton (Victory)

Marriage Healing is an answer to prayer! As a new Christian, many of my "old friends" and family are unsaved. I wasn’t surprised when they thought I was crazy to stand for my marriage. But I was really shaken when I started hearing it from Christians, as well. As I reached a crisis point in my struggles, I was led to the MHI ministry room. What a blessing it was to receive sound Biblical guidance, along with boundless love and support! The room is ALIVE with the Power of the Spirit, and is always filled with prayer, praise and worship. I have seen huge changes in myself, and the peace and relationship with the Lord in my life, since I found MHI. My husband put his ring back on after being gone almost a year, and God is moving so strongly in our lives! I spend time in the ministry room often now, although my times of need are much fewer and further between. It is such a joy to be able to give back to others who come in desperation, and show them the Lord’s plan for restoration and healing!

God Bless MHI!

Tiffany, California

EDITOR NOTE: Tiffany’s marriage was restored some time after this was written.

Dear ones, God Bless you and keep you in His pasture–for even if you stray, He will go in search of you with love and diligence. In Luke 15:4 Jesus speaks of this devotion for us {Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it?} I know His stubborn love first hand. He has guided me, chastised me, loved me to His uttermost. What more can I ask for in my God? Since being led to Marriage Healing by the Lord, my life has been turned around completely. The Word of God has come alive to me in these short months since I’ve begun my visits here. I have found myself in the midst of Godly friends and Spirit-Filled brothers and sisters in Marriage_Healing. We find ourselves in the midst of the storm, and yet, through the power of the Holy Spirit working through this ministry, we’re able to go out and spread the gospel!! Surely there is nothing that God cannot do. Surely, God’s will is for Marriage Healing, and if we believe in Him, this will come to pass. All He asks is that we TRUST in Him completely. Is that so much to ask when He’s already done so much for us—and before we even ask Him to?? God’s handprint is all over this ministry and I give Him all the glory and Honor for bringing it forth and helping it grow.

Katina, Texas

MHI has truly touched my life. Since I have been coming to the site and praying with the ministry here I have found a new confidence in the Lord. I now know for sure that the Lord does want my marriage to work. I also know now that only with faith will the Lord do so. In January my wife of only 5 months kicked me out of the house. She filed for a divorce and was really hurtful and cold to me. I was just destroyed. I was so happy to be married to this woman whom I love so much and bam – overnight it was all over. I started praying and gave my heart to Christ. The Lord quickly picked me up and pulled me together. I was a real mess too. I tried suicide and all kinds of silly things. I started coming to this site occasionally and the ministry would all pray with me. A few weeks later my wife sent me an email saying that she needed to talk to me and would like to see me (I am in Canada and she is in Arizona). I thought that she only wanted to hurt me more so I at first declined and she got really upset over that. So we agreed to meet and talk and try and work things out. Well, I was supposed to be officially divorced on July 10th. And, praise be to God, I am still married. We are not living together but are planning on her moving here to Canada to be with me so we can work things out. This ministry has really helped me through prayer and confidence with my faith. I thank the Lord for this ministry and for my marriage.

Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!!!!!

Kevin, Ontario, Canada

This ministry is a Godsend! I think I found it because God led me here. I felt so loved and welcomed since coming here. Everyone was willing to listen, encourage and pray, without wanting anything. The only thing everyone wants is the restoration of everyone else’s marriage. It’s amazing how up lifting everyone is. And D-Man, God is going to bless him in ways he never thought possible because of his obedience to God in starting this site. I pray for this site, as well as D-Man everyday, and will continue to do so, even after my marriage is restored. I even signed up to pray for prayer requests that come into the site. Praying for and ministering to others has really helped me during my own trials. God bless this ministry and everyone involved richly! Cheeku, Texas

"SUPERNATURAL" is the only word I can use to describe the effects of Marriage Healing Int’l! Also, dedicated, concerned, generous, available, and caring-you know, like the "honest" way Jesus is. This group deserves every consideration for help-please help them expand…they are saving lives (including mine) every minute…I shudder to think of what I would have done had I not found them that horrible, horrible day. This ministry indeed and absolutely made a difference in my life… I am once again "sane" thanks to God’s devoted servants. If I ever… I mean WHEN I become a millionaire, this ministry will NEVER need another thing! That’s a promise! I love you, In Jesus Precious Name, Amen. Thank you for giving me this chance to sing their praises!

God Bless You!

Luangel, Nevada

This ministry has been a great blessing to me in my time of trouble. I have thru it learned how to pray better, be a better husband, and stand firm on the principles of Gods word. My wife has moved back in now and we are working things out. Glory to the Father!!! Thank you for your guidance, Marriage Healing.

Danny, Georgia

God is so great! Amen? I am so thankful for the outreach of Marriage Healing International. They were there during my darkest hours of my separation. I felt life slipping through my fingers, my wife had announced that she needed some time apart from me and her family. She had found a girlfriend from work to move in with, this seemed like an okay step. That was only the beginning, as time progressed so did the disintegration of our marriage. She finally opted for a dissolution, with a six month waiting period in our state she convinced me that we would have time to work out our differences during that time. If she felt they were irreconcilable during that time the divorce would be finalized. A week later she told me that it was over she wanted no reconciliation. I went home devastated, I turned on the computer and went to the first Christian web site I could find, there I found Marriage Healing International, it was my first time to even consider doing any counseling online. The Lord led me there by Divine guidance. I can honestly say that I would not be standing for my marriage today if it wasn’t for the support of this mission. Their were many times when I felt like giving up the fight and turning my back on God, but the loving words and the prayers of this organization helped me to understand Gods unfailing love and compassion for me and our marriage encouraged me to put my hand to the plow and not to look back! God says that the thief who must stole repay seven fold (the thief being Satan), and I am a firm believer that God does not allow His word to go void. It is man who allows it to become void by lack of faith. I have since been able to witness the Hand of the Lord at work in my wife’s life. She is not at the repentant state yet but she is experiencing a softening of her heart. I owe this to the many prayers offered through the many brothers and sisters that support this mission. Knowing that in the counsel of many there is safety, and where two or three are gathered in My name I am with them there. I also highly recommend the counsel of D-Man for anyone standing in faith in their marriage. His gift of discernment combined with his knowledge of the scriptures allow his counsel be forthright and yet tender with a true sense of well being for whoever he is encouraging.

Thank-you, Marriage Healing and all the men and women of faith who guide the lost and confused in the path that God had intended for every marriage. God bless you for all your words of encouragement. May He continue to restore marriages through you!

Tim, California

This ministry has really been the place I go to for refuge. It has helped me to have hope and restore my faith and trust in God. It really helps me get through the day while living through this very difficult trial. The counsel always supports God’s word and the operators have an abundant supply of patience & kindness… I have learned so much about love, faith and hope through this ministry.

Lori, New Jersey

I initially started going into the marriage healing room after I got involved in an inappropriate relationship over the internet. I wanted prayer and a "way out" of that sinful pattern and so I requested prayer from those in the marriage healing room. The presence of the Holy Spirit was definitely with those who were praying. God began a good work in my heart and also in my husband’s heart; this was about 1 month ago, and He has not given up on us yet. I can see changes within us both that could not be accomplished on our own strength or according to our desires. I give all of the glory to God, who is my strength in times of weakness. He knows when I’m tempted and has provided a way for me to exercise my will to follow after Him instead of my sinful desires, which war against my soul. I thank God for those people who are continuing to pray for marriages to stand strong in the Lord and the Power of His might. We all need to be intercessors in prayer for those who are struggling against the powers of this dark world. If we don’t, Satan will cause us to stumble and fall. We have the power within us to overcome those obstacles; we just need to turn to the Lord in prayer, for that is His desire. I’m thankful for those I’ve met through the Marriage Healing ministry. They have helped me take my focus off of myself and put the needs of others before my own. I’ve been given a burden to pray for them as well. I know God will honor the prayers of His children. Thank you for the opportunity to express my praise to you. Remember that there is nothing too great for the Lord God to handle. He’s already standing next to you waiting for you to turn to Him and let Him help you to your feet. My husband and I have greatly been changed as a result of prayer on our behalf. My thanks goes to those in the Marriage Healing ministry who prayed for me specifically when I was under the attack from Satan to ruin my marriage by getting involved with another man. We were very close to separation that would have led to divorce until God brought me to the Marriage Healing room where my marriage was lifted up to the Lord. We also sought out the prayers and Godly counsel from friends who we knew would put God’s Will first and foremost in their lives. Thank you for all of your ongoing prayers. I have witnessed heart-changing events in both my husband and I that could only come about through God’s intervention as a result of the prayers of faithful ones such as those found in the marriage healing room. "Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full into His wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His beauty and grace."

Love In Him,

May (aMayzd)

Greetings in Jesus name!

We want to praise God today for the M.H.I ministry. A ministry that we found offers hope, healing, restoration & reconciliation. Because of this most timely message along with knowledge and good Godly counsel we have received from M.H.I ministries my husband and I have reaped many benefits to better our marriage. During this time of great learning we have come to find out that our daughter is newly separated we have encouraged her to go to M.H.I for prayer and encouragement and what a change already we have seen… The word says "My people perish for a lack of knowledge"…But because of M.H.I there is no more lack of knowledge or no more need to see marriages perish…Thank you Lord for this awesome ministry of reconciliation!! May the Lord continue to bless you and use you for the kingdom of God and for his glory!

Phyllis, California

Dear M.H.I Ministry,

My name is Sarah, I have been separated since May 5, 01. We will be going on our 4th anniversary as of Dec. My parents heard about M.H.I and then shared it with me. God has used this ministry tremendously in aiding me to cope with this situation in my life. I have been able to learn so much and be encouraged by their on line staff. God is using your ministry to touch countless lives and I am so blessed to have been one of them. One of the many things I have learned and applied is that restoration starts with me! I have been drawn so close to God during this time and I don’t plan to pull away after my husband returns. Praise Jesus!

Thank you all at M.H.I for obeying God’s voice.

God Bless you,

Sarah, California

Since I have been coming to Marriage Healing International, it has been an encouragement for me to not give up on my marriage! The ops in marriage healing room have been great! God has used them in many ways through His Holy Spirit to show me where I can improve my relationship with my Lord as well as with my husband! I do not say much, but I have been listening a lot and have learned a lot. I believe God is doing a mighty work here – and know he is, with all the Praise reports I read in my email. These emails are also an encouragement! God can do all things! All things are possible with God; this one I will stand on for my marriage!

Christine, New Jersey

This ministry showed me that I had an option other than agreeing with my wife to call it quits in our marriage. It has been a source of great encouragement during times of tremendous pain and confusion. It is obvious that God is truly at work in and through this ministry. I’ve found myself coming back again and again to their chat room, for advice and encouragement. I thank God for their ministry, and I really wish there were more resources such as this one.

Graham, Mississippi

I want to share how the Lord changed the direction of my marriage. We have been married for 12 years and headed for divorce for many many reasons. The Lord changed my heart one night a month ago and the difference in my family because of the difference in me was beyond words. In following, my husband opened his heart to the Lord also and has changed. Our marriage is doing better everyday. I would like to encourage all out there to get on your knees and pray for God to change you and return and enhance the love for your spouse that He intends for you to have. Ask Him to see your spouse the way He sees them and in turn love them as He loves them.

God bless you all.

Roberta, North Carolina

There are so many things that have helped me. Just knowing there are others out there in the same situation is a big help. To be able to request prayer and to pray for others and to be able to encourage others is a great joy. Only someone going through what we are can truly understand the emotions being felt. D-Man has always been here to encourage me and to brighten some of my very bad days. I believe God is definitely working through this ministry.

Barb, Tennessee

My husband and I had been back together for three years but there was still some healing to be done. He still had not been able to get over his addiction to pornography on the net. I was tired of trying to deal with the problem and him. I came to marriage healing initially for a friend but there I found healing for me. D-Man is a godly man who helped me to see that I was still harboring a lot of unforgiveness and anger towards my husband. He prayed for me and things have been getting better. I use to not want to talk to my husband for fear it would turn into an argument. But a couple weeks later my husband and I actually had a meaningful conversation. And for the first time in three years I told my husband that I loved him and I really meant it!!! God is great and Marriage Healing Int’l is a blessing and a wonderful outreach ministry.

JoAnne, Tennessee

This ministry has helped me with just knowing that there are ministries out there like this, this is not the only one Thank God that deals with the encouragement of the marriage partner who has the courage to stand in these difficult times for their broken, but not destroyed marriages. Just because Satan and the rest of the world thinks so (an unpopular stand to be sure). They do what God has called them to do "Stand and look at the Ancient paths where the way is good, so they can find rest for their souls. This is where the secrets of the covenant are revealed to them. We are Called to "restore the breach" to make the city a safe place for our children to play in again. Where victory is assured. Where there is the joy of the Lord to heal their pain infested hearts and bring hope to our wounded battle scared children… in knowing that our God is able to give us one heart and one way for our own good and for His image of power which is restored to them and into the next generation. A God who is able to do the impossible, nothing is too hard for Him. He can restore anything Satan messes with. Satan has no power that we don’t give him. Divorce is not the end of our story only the beginning of the "Said word of God", to a heart that is desperate but willing to trust in God and never give up. The prodigal will return and be born again and Spirit filled. They do this for God’s glory, to give hope to their children, the church and the community at large. This is not about us, but about us and Jesus our bridegroom who is looking for a pure spotless bride with out the bloodstain of the violence of divorce on her wedding dress. During my 7-year stand, our 7 children have come to the Lord in 7 years and in 7 days and now they are praying for their "forgiven" father who’s heart is turning towards them… the curse is being broken off our land. Most of their wives and husbands are born again now too. We have 12 grandchildren (another on the way) they know God and talk to him and listen to Him. Praise God, for He is Mighty to behold!!!

Your blood sister in Christ,

Marilyn, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

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