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Yahushua יהשוע (Jesus) said to Peter in John 21:16:

"If you love me, FEED my sheep"
4165 poimaino {poy-mah'-ee-no}
(Greek Dictionary)
AV - feed 6, rule 4
1) to feed, to tend a flock, keep sheep
1a) to rule, govern
1a1) of rulers (see Luke 22:23-26)
1a2) to furnish pasture for food
1a3) to nourish
1a4) to cherish one's body, to serve the body
1a5) to supply the requisites for the soul's need

Yahushua יהשוע DIDN'T say.. FLEECE my sheep!

FLEECE, v.t. (Webster's 1828 Dictionary)
1. To shear off a covering or growth of wool.
2. To strip of money or property; to take from, by severe exactions, under color of law or justice, or pretext of necessity, or by virtue of authority. Arbitrary princes fleece their subjects; and clients complain that they are sometimes fleeced by their lawyers.
This word is rarely or never used for plundering in war by a licentious soldiery; but is properly used to express a stripping by contributions levied on a conquered people.

As for the common "tithe" teaching in most churches today; well, that's the reason we should carefully be examining the scriptures (like the Bereans) to see if it be so! Yahushua יהשוע warned us that in the latter times there would be many false teachers and false prophets. Malachi 3 most often quoted to compel giving to the building fund or church coffers is aimed directly at the levitical priests of the day who were corrupt (Mal. 3:3) due in part that they were partial in their interpretation of the law for their own benefit (Mal. 2:9).

Furthermore, the "tithe" of the Old testament was not a 10-percent temple tax that a Jew gave to their favorite faith-prosperity teacher, and the Mosaic tithe was never given in the form of money -- the tithe of Israel was a food redistribution system alloted to not only the levites, but the poor, the widow, the foreigner, and the orphan (Deut. 14:29). For that matter, the "tither" could sell the tithe and buy "whatever they wanted" as long as they remembered those less fortunate (Deut. 14:26). And the "tither" was commanded to EAT of the tithe with their family at the place the Lord chose. Every seventh and 50th year there was no sowing and reaping of crops, and thus no tithing.