How this works

Just click the link in the section above that interests you.

When listening to any teaching; we recommend you click the player control to stop it before listening to another audio. It is possible to listen to more than one at the same time, which would be confusing.

This overhaul is not only intended to be more easy to navigate and eye-pleasing but is designed to make it possible for visitors to listen to our audio’s without special software or set-up.

The audio player controls will work for 99% of visitors. The remaining 1% who have trouble should download the free flash player from: [adobe website->]

If you want the easiest “at-home” solution, we recommend you use iTunes. If you don’t have it, it’s free. You can download at [this link->]

Once you have it installed all it takes to access all of our audio teachings is to click the following link [found here->] and all of our audios will load up in your iTunes player. You can then create a playlist and drag all of our audios into your playlist named however you like.

All of our files are labeled with “MHI.Manna.Series_” for easy sorting in your iTunes library.

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