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The Father weeps

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M.H.I. Weekly Teleconferences

Who are America’s Whores?

45 Years of Overcoming

A discussion about Authority versus Power and the in-gathering of Israel

Do you REALLY understand what The Wages of Sin means? Have a listen… it may save your eternal soul.

How Rebellion is connected to our health… and the consequences of rebellion.

Part II

Part III

Part IV

A scriptural study on the subject of fasting. It’s purpose, benefit, urgency and more..

A newcomer visits us and engages in a discussion about the “Will of God” and “self-will” of man..

Luke warm faith is false faith. What is the definition of “luke-warm” according to the Scriptures

The matter of FREE-will according to the Scriptures
Will you accept man’s definition or YHWH’s definition?

Sighing and Crying for 0bamanations
The character and MARK of those who belong to the Master

The Bride and the Harlot
How important it is to know the difference

Touch not mine anointed
Learn how this doctrine is popularly mis-used as a cloak for evil and what the doctrine is.

Love Covers a multitude of sins
What does this *really* mean?

Living Law – True Grace
What you’ve been told about “law” isn’t true…most likely.

Sabbath – Salvation Connection
Is there a connection between salvation and the Sabbath?

Are YOU a Nicolaitin?
(practising “that thing” which the Messiah HATES?)

Turning one over to Satan?

A newcomer gets special attention

Are you going to heaven?

Questions about waiting and the will of Yahweh

True position – His children

The Living Dead

Reconciliation, Yah’s way!

A personal testimony

Luke 12 – The Gospel according to Yahushua

Extreme Faith. Discussion with David Alan Carmichael.

His comfort.. or consumption?

Splitting hairs about names?

“The Secret” Exposed

Political or Prophetical Activism?

What is His name?

What’s in a name? – Part 03

What’s in a name? – Part 02

What’s in a name?

The Seduction of Christianity – Part 7

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