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The Power of "Christian Psychology"

What it is... what you should know

We received an inquiry from one of our community asking our opinion about one of these articles. As a result we decided to put together some material written by others which does a good job of addressing an area that we have grown to become very aware of and believe Elohim would have us to encourage our flock to examine with an open heart and open Bible.

If you find information here in this section it means we have read every word ourselves and find it to be generally very solid information. Although there are some minor points that we may have a somewhat different belief about, they are not significant enough to discuss in this section at the present time. We felt it was far more important to simply make this information available to you for your own prayerful examination. In this day when people are led or told to seek all manner of healing, counseling, seminars, books, tapes, self-help and group help cures... it is now more important than ever to learn from the Word of Yahweh how to discern between what is good and what only pretends to be good in the name of something. Please remember that our adversary "masquerades as an angel of light" 2Cor 11:14

Not long ago, someone we love very much who is a sincere believer and follower of Elohim made the statement "I don't care what scriptures you have to support your position." Beloved, anytime a "leading", "voice", "sense" or "knowing" clearly conflicts with the written Word of Yahweh, you would be very foolish to ignore the written Word of Yahweh. We have to examine the written Word ourselves to see if our leadings, etc line up with what Yahweh has clearly given us so we are not led astray by voices and other less concrete influence. We hope that your reading, study and prayerful examination of these materials will help you to understand that there is much out there which claims to be "Christian" that may not be of Elohim and, in fact, is heresy or what Paul called "another gospel." How does one know? By searching the written Word daily!

Be like the Bereans who did not believe every spirit but instead "received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so." Our petition to the Most High Yahweh in putting this material here is that the Holy Spirit, through the written Word, will convict of error and confirm the truth to all who receive these things and study them. Amen.

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