Praise News – 092716

What we have observed over the course of all these years would make for an interesting book, to say the least. It is a testimony to good seed sowing that the women’s prayer group created through the ministry still runs today each week. The Sabbath call still goes each week with the same faithful. This ministry began in the year of our Master: 2001. 15 years later we are still here and have seen MUCH in the way of soon-coming fulfillment of our Master. Meanwhile the “church” of America is beyond sleep, beyond blindness, beyond nakedness, beyond wretchedness and most of all,…. mostly beyond hope.

You are so harsh brother Elijah! No, friends, I am so blunt. I am so truthful. I say what the politically correct in the American “church” are unwilling to say because they WILL lose proselytes (Mat 23:15) and they WILL lose that filthy lucre that they LOVE so much! (Mat 6:24) I have NEVER depended on the ministry to survive. I owe no debt to any man (except the one commanded by our Master) because I have depended exclusively upon the Father for my needs and ohhhh how He has provided! Yet even now, we find PASTOR JOHN HAGEE, beginning to preach the message of Elijah. If you have not heard it, visit the website’s home page and turn on your speakers.

Why is the American “church” beyond hope you may ask?

Because the American church is a harlot. It is not and has NEVER BEEN the Bride of the Messiah. To quote from the book that liars who call themselves Christians like to say they love…

Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil. Jer 13:23

Yes, the chances that those who are accustomed to do evil will change and do good are about as much as a leopard changing it’s spots.

Why is America such a freak-show? Because the so-called “church” has not been a light. The real church is scattered. Not truly together, not really effective, wore-out by the Devil and his ministers. They are crying and sighing for the Obamanations which are done in the land. But the great cleansing is soon coming! Hold on saints…hold on.

To those who LOVE the Master and desire to DO HIS WILL… (active) not merely an empty “profession of faith” we greet you and kiss you with a holy kiss. May the soon-coming Messiah greet you likewise and He gathers His sheep TOGETHER!

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