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Please Read Carefully

In order to ease the administrative burden upon our ministry we are requesting that you go through EACH STEP of this process.

The next page will provide places for you input your information for our prayer team. Once that is completed, you will be redirected to a new page that will offer you our 30 day teaching series on "How to pray" which is delivered by e-mail. Each message is short and only takes about 2 minutes to read. It will help you become a more powerful intercessor and we highly recommend it. You will have the option to decline this series of teaching.

At that point, you will be redirected to the last step of this process which is the MOST IMPORTANT step. On this page you will be prompted for your first name and e-mail and our system will then add you to our automatic distribution list for prayer team members. If you do not complete all 3 steps, we will not know you have chosen to join the team and you will not receive any prayer requests to pray for.

The entire process only takes a few seconds so we appreciate, very much, you going through these steps so that someone doesn't have to manually do it for you. This is a considerable administrative job when you have to do many of these. Thank you for helping us to serve God's people.

I understand and am ready to complete this process.

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Marriage Counseling 
Marriage Counseling
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