Fundamentals of Truth

To distinguish between truth and lie the fundamental differences between the two must be known. Many who think they know the truth do not know its characteristics, making them vulnerable to deception. The following section derives the characteristics of the truth from a most simple form of truth: The following simple statement is true:

1 + 1 = 2

The following statement isfalse:

1 + 1 = 3

If someone said that 1 + 1 = 3 he is a liar. If someone said that 1 + 1 = 2 he is speaking the truth.

From this simple form of truth it can be seen that the truth is logical, and the lie is illogical. If you have one apple and you get another to be with it, you have two. The truth is therefore reasonable, because it is through logical reasoning that it is known that 1 + 1 = 2. If someone would say that you now have three apples it would be unreasonable. The lie is therefore unreasonable.

The truth is rational, it is through rational thinking that it is known that 1 + 1 =2. The lie is irrational. One must be irrational to conclude that 1 + 1 =3 or any other number than 2. The truth is orderly. It is through logical, rational and orderly thinking that it is known that 1 + 1 = 2. The lie is chaotic. It is through irrational, illogical and chaotic thinking that one could conclude that 1 + 1 = 3 or any other number than 2. The truth is not mystical. It is not by any mystery that 1 + 1 = 2, it is clear as daylight. The lie is mystical. The truth about a matter may be mysterious while it is not revealed, but as soon as the truth is revealed the mystery is known and it is not a mystery anymore. The lie is mysterious and must stay so or else it vanishes into nothing. When the lie is exposed it vaporizes. When the truth is exposed it remains. The truth is therefore strongand eternal. The lie is weak and has temporary existence. The number of beans under a cloth is a mystery to those who have not seen the number of beans. So the truth about the matter is a mystery to them. There may be someone who says that the number is 5 and another who says that the number is 6. When the cloth is removed and the true number of 6 is revealed, the truth remains that it is 6 beans, but the lie vanishes. Lies must stay concealed to survive, but the truth remains always even when exposed. The truth does therefore not rely on mystery to exist like the lie must.

The truth is singular. There is only one true number of beans under the cloth. Out of all the numbers one could guess from, only one number is true. Therefore there are many lies and only one truth. There is only one truth about any matter. Here follows another example of the singularity of the truth: My current car is an Opel, this statement is true. It is no other make. This also demonstrates that the truth is singular. If I stated that my car is any of the many other makes, I would lie. The lie is therefore many-fold, because there are many lies for each truth. There are as many lies as there are numbers or car makes in these cases.

The truth is absolute and can not be compromised. If the make of a car is Opel and one person says it is Toyota and another says it is Honda , the car remains an Opel. The truth can not be voted on. If the majority would vote the car to be a Toyota it remains an Opel. One could also not reach a compromise with the lie and the truth to make the Car a Toyopel.

The lie changes due to relativity and is therefore relative, because the lie seems like the truth to some observer when his perception is distorted. Some would say it is the truth which is relative, but the truth remains the same, it can not change because of some persons distorted perception. Some person may perceive the truth not to be, but it remains. If one person counts the number of apples wrong it does not mean that the true number is now the number he perceived. To him the lie seems like the truth. The true number remains and so does the true make of a car. The lie changes relative to point of view, but the truth is stable – a universal constant.

Those who are against the truth can bury the truth, like evidence perhaps, hide it or disguise it, but it comes out sooner or later. The truth is therefore eternal. The lie is destroyed when the truth comes out. The lie is therefore destructible and temporary. The truth is reality. The lie is like a dream.

The truth is like a rock the lie is like a vapor. When the rock moves through the vapor the vapor must give way. Reality overpowers the dream. Rock symbolizes truth, because it is indestructible-like and solid. Rock is symbol of eternity, might and power. The truth is also symbolized by water, because water washes clean like the truth washes clean of lies. The lies are destroyed by it. The truth is symbolized by white light, the lie is symbolized by darkness. Light removes darkness . The truth is symbolized by fire, because fire burns up the lie and those willingly embracing it.

To summarize the characteristics of the truth:

The truth is: Logical, reasonable, rational, orderly, not mystical, singular, absolute, strong, eternal and reality.

The truth is symbolized by: Rock, water, light and fire.

A construction based on lies, by having faults in its foundation, will fall apart sooner or later, because the math is incorrect. It will not take the stresses put on it. Such a structure is ill, illogically made – incorrect math. A person who has his mental structure based on lies, and is therefore a liar, is short-lived. His mind is temporary just like the lie and a structure based on lies, it will fall apart under stress. A person who has his mind completely based on the truth ,and his mental structure is based on truth ,is immortal just like the truth. Only if he really loves the characteristics of the truth and lives by the truth as part of himself.

Believing Truth Rather than a Lie

Since the truth is reasonable and logical, it is also that which makes sense. The truth about a matter is that which holds under all conditions of inspection, examination and cross-examination, it must fit in with the real evidential facts. Which are facts and which are not facts must first be established. Something can only be true if it is known to have the characteristics of truth. The truth has a comforting effect if you are with it. The truth brings a feeling of freedom from the lie.

To believe something in a rational way, evidence and witness testimony is needed. Then reasoning using the evidence and witness testimony must occur. True evidence, real facts, and good character witness is needed to believe the truth. False evidence, false facts, and bad character witness could lead to believing a lie. To believe anything without logical reasoning and considering evidence, is diseased. To believe something without solid basis is ill. Faith is defined as: believing something without having directly seen it. This definition comes from an ancient source of writing. It is not defined as believing something without evidence and logical reasoning:

It is in Greek with the English word for each Greek word below the Greek word. A comprehensive translation of that text reads like this:

This is faith: to hope for things which is still to come, to believe things you have not seen, because they are proved.

If someone tells you that a Car accident occurred a couple of blocks from your current location, do you believe him ? You have not seen the accident, but you may believe the witness if his character is good. If he is known to never tell a lie you may believe him. If you keep in mind the definition of faith, you will see that everyone applies it in their lives, since everyone believes things they have not seen. (Even if it is just believing that the planet Pluto exists. You may believe due to some pictures and reasoning or because of someone saying it exists, but you have not directly seen Pluto. ) If you have reason to doubt that the witness is telling the truth, you may consider evidence such as skid marks and wreckage parts at the accident site. In the end you may believe that an accident occurred even though you have not seen it, then you believe by faith. Lots of people define faith as believing something without proper basis. It is ill to believe something in such a manner.

The Greek quote previously made comes from Hebrews 11:1 of the well known Bible. Most of those saying they believe in the Bible don’t in fact know what faith is according to the Bible, neither do they know what the Bible teaches in general. No leaps of faith must be made to believe something. Faith is to believe something without having directly seen it, but most certainly not to believe without seeing evidence and/or hearing a good character witness testimony. And using healthy reasoning. To believe something without a realistic approach using healthy reasoning and evidence could lead to believing a lie. The truth is not mystical, it is clear and understandable. The truth is only a mystery while not known. The lie is mystical. True faith is also without doubt. Broken faith is with doubt. Faith and doubt are opposites. Faith and doubt contradict each other and does not go together. True faith is as solid as believing that the sun exists or that you exist. To really believe something is to believe it without doubt, because it is proved to you. To find truth you must know the fundamental characteristics of the truth. Then you can inspect something to see if it has those characteristics.

John 8:32:And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

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